We are thankful for the authors who have offered to come to the Heartland Book Festival.  You can find information about the authors and their books they will be selling at the book festival.  Come on out to meet them and find the books you'd like to read.




Sue Kelly Ballard

Sue Kelly Ballard was born in Kentucky but raised as an army brat in several states and overseas. Her career has been divided between the corporate world in Kentucky, Colorado, and Indiana, and, later, as a community college professor of chemistry in Kentucky. She recently retired as a professor emerita.

She currently resides in Elizabethtown, KY with her husband, Jimmie.  Her creative side has been nurtured by her love of travel, history, literature, and writing.

My Blessed, Wretched Life: Rebecca Boone's Story
Book: My Blessed Wretched Life: Rebecca Boones Story; Author: Sue Kelly Ballard

Rebecca's own story is so captivating, so gut-wrenchingly realistic, so obviously genuine, we begin to acknowledge who really moved America westward: our pioneer mother ancestors. Ballard captures every mood and moment of Rebecca's life in the backwoods and on the frontier with accuracy and passion, with authenticity and beauty, and at a pace that keeps the reader diving headlong into each new page eager to swallow up what happens next.


Noel Barton

Noel Barton writes Historical Southern Fiction.  Lucretia is a beautiful narrative of a character in her first two books in The Whirlwind Series. Each of Noel’s novels have a common thread skillfully woven throughout them.  They have a love story, mystery, and moral and spiritual messages.  This nostalgic narrative proves we don’t need to be defined by that our youthful, poor, choices, but be courageously inspired to face the Whirlwinds in our lives—and survive.

Book: Lucretia; Author: Noel Barton

Lucretia is a young girl who doesn't allow family struggles and youthful poor choices to define the rest of her life.  She uses situations that would crush others, to rise above her adversaries and refuse their labels because she knows who she really is.  This beautiful, inspirational, love story, with mystery, examples of faith, and true grit, will inspire its readers to face their life whirlwinds with grace, courage, and determination as well.


Sutton Bishop

I enjoy having a foot in both worlds—real and make-believe.  I've been writing stories since I was a little girl, my imagination inspired by the rural meadows and woods of my childhood, travels, and life experiences.  I love blending other other genres with romance, writing myself into corners and out.

I have degrees in forensics and anthropology and a minor in world history.  Indiana is home—with my husband, four kids, and a passel of fur babies.

Finding Home (Piñon Ridge)
Book: Hearts Don't Lie (Pinon Ridge); Author: Sutton Bishop

Arlo Cruz is everything Emory Walsh avoids in a man.

So why does she want him so badly?

Finding Home is an adventurous small-town romance for readers who love second chances, multicultural romance, and stories with plenty of heart.


Gerry Harlan Brown

Gerry Harlan Brown, a life-long Kentuckian, writes from his home in Smiths Grove.  Stints at a factory, a farm, and painting houses have been mixed in with periods as a railroader, a volunteer community crisis counselor, and a professional fire chief (Bowling Green).  His fire service career provided the greatest influence on his writing, for here he met people from all walks of life, at their best and bravest to their most devastated and petty.

Ring the Bell
Book: RING THE BELL; Author: Gerry Harlan Brown

Ring the Bell is a day-in-the-life account of a crew of firefighters and those they served.


Stephen Allten Brown

Stephen Allten Brown has always loved art, mysteries, and history.  It makes sense to combine all three.  “Stealing Picasso,” the sequel to “Stealing Renoir,” will be available this fall.  “Let The Earth Breathe” is a gardening book about how he and his wife, Anne Milligan, have transformed their yard into a native plant botanical park.  Every window is tuned to the nature channel. 

Stealing Renoir
Book: STEALING RENOIR; Author: Stephen Allten Brown

A woman can have it all and it’s faster to steal it.  Elizabeth Moynihan is an internationally respected art appraiser, television personality, and a thief at heart; masterpiece art stolen during WWII is her specialty.


Bobi Conn

Bobi Conn was born in Morehead, Kentucky, and raised in a nearby holler, where she developed a deep connection with the land and her Appalachian roots.  She obtained her bachelor’s degree at Berea College, the first school in the American South to integrate racially and to teach men and women in the same classrooms.  After struggling as a single mother, she worked multiple part-time jobs at once to support her son and to attend graduate school, where she earned a master’s degree in English.

A Woman in Time
Book: A WOMAN IN TIME; Author: Bobi Conn

The McKenzie women, empowered with a formidable history rooted in the foothills of Appalachia, have passed down their folk healing wisdom through generations.  Rosalee, the last living headstrong daughter in Granny McKenzie’s line, soaked up everything she could about the secrets of the forest before a series of tragedies left her alone, without the protection of the women who came before her.


Bobbie Falin

Bobbie Falin wields starpower, thwarts evil forces, pilots sleek ships through space, and drinks and carouses with aliens in shabby station bars—in her head.  Here on Earth, well, that's a different story.  Here, she records amazing adventures for her readers to enjoy.  She still feeds the four local stray cats who show up for breakfast and dinner every day and stars up at the stars at night.

Flashing Dark
Book: FLASHING DARK; Author: Bobbie Falin

A female Han Solo and Chewy meet all the aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy when Captain Vivi Zant rescues a small child from an airlock on an abandoned space platform and sets off a plot to destroy humankind.


Ann H. Gabhart is the award winning author of more than thirty-five books.  She grew up on a Kentucky farm and likes featuring Kentucky history and settings in her stories.  She still enjoys country life on her Anderson County farm.  When she’s not writing the next book, she likes hiking in her farm's fields and woods with her grandchildren and her dogs, Frankie and Marley.  See more about Ann and her books at www.annhgabhart.com.

When the Meadow Blooms
Book: when the MEADOW BLOOMS; Author: Ann H. Gabhart

If any place on God’s earth was designed to help one heal, it is Meadowland.  Surely here, at her brother-in-law’s Kentucky farm, Rose and her daughters can recover from the events of the recent past.  Dirk Meadows may have opened his home to thems, but he keeps his heart tightly closed.  When the Meadow Blooms offers a heartfelt look at what it means to trust and accept love even in the midst of pain.


Ann H. Gabhart


Chris Helvey

Chris Helvey is an award-winning short-story writer and the author of the novels Yard Man, Dancing on the Rim, Violets for Sergeant Schiller, The White Jamaican, Into the Wilderness, and Looking at Kansas (Wings ePress), One More Round (short story collection-Trajectory Press), Snapshot (novel-Livingston Press), Whose Name I Did Not Know (novel-Hopewell Publications), and Claw Hammer (short story collection—Hopewell Publications).  Helvey currently serves as Editor in Chief of Trajectory Journal.

Looking at Kansas
Book: LOOKING AT KANSAS; Author: Chris Helvey

An aging Missouri sheriff must fight a fentanyl epidemic, his most dangerous enemy, and his own weaknesses.


J. Edwards Holt

Born in North Carolina, United States, J. Edwards Holt always knew that he wanted to be a writer.  After graduating high school, he attended college and pursued a degree in education, but later decided to change course and follow his dream to become a novelist and children's author.  Now a bestselling author, ordained minister, and mental health advocate, Holt spends his free time reading and helping the less fortunate in his community.  He is passionate about spreading Christian messages.

The Queen's Colors
Book: The Queen's Colors; Author: J. Edwards Holt

The Karanatos region is primarily inhabited by a race of green goblins that keep to themselves.  For centuries the goblins have dwelled quietly inside mountains and underground colonies, ruled by their beloved queen, Igosalma.  They live perfect lives, uninterrupted — until one day the flame of an old rivalry is rekindled when a hunting party is attacked by the green goblins’ supposed worst enemy: gray goblins.  The queen and her most trusted associates must then decide how to retaliate.


Roger Jones

Roger Jones is a historian of science who has long been fascinated by the way creatures move through the air.  In addition to academic writing, he has published a novel, short stories, non-fiction pieces in flying magazines, and a novella—a coming-of-age story about a vegetarian buzzard.  A member of Bluegrass Writers Studio at Eastern Kentucky University, he lives with his wife, flies a powered plane, and writes in Berea, Kentucky.

The Mists of Arltunga
Book: THE MISTS OF ARLTUNGA; Author: Roger Jones

A tale of romance, death, intrigue, chemistry, and flying, set in the Australian Outback between the two great world wars.  Ginna MacReedy, mine-owner’s daughter and sole survivor of a Zeppelin crash, turns a mining camp’s life upside down, threatening the double-dealing strategies of the camp’s overseer and pitting two brothers against each other as they grow to love her.


Wally Jones

Wally Jones is a first time author.  He is also fully dyslexic.  After numerous tests it was discovered he lacks the mental tools to decode and encode words.  Simply put, he cannot read or write.  To compensate he built a comprehensive Sight Vocabulary, words he memorized and knows simply by sight.  It works, but it is slow and prone to mistakes.  Writing is a challenge for him and he hopes to bring awareness to Dyslexia.

Sam the Chosen
Book: SAM THE CHOSEN; Author: Wally Jones

The attacks changed everything.  Life would never be the same.

So much carnage, and yet the enemy was never seen.

Sam tried to return to a normal life, but constant reminders and paranoia feed the need for protection at all times.  The desire to run, that internal voice triggering the urgency to escape this harsh world, is very real.  Now an ill-fated camping trip will show Samantha just how deep the peril goes.


Gail Kamer

I’m a Hardin County native and grew up in the Meeting Creek area.  Reading and writing have always been among my favorite things to do.  I’ve spent 38 years in the education field and upon retirement pursued writing as a full-time career.  I write children’s books under the name of Gail Kamer.  My books written for adults are under the name of Gail Johnson.  When I’m not working, I love spending time at the beach.

Don't Let the Monkey Drive the Taxi
Book: Don't Let the Monkey Drive the Taxi; Author: Gail Johnson

There's some serious monkey business going on in Elizabethtown...

Cocaine-stuffed marshmallow candy. A rogue monkey terrorizing the town.  A stolen taxi containing a burial urn.

What else could happen?

Cassie McCoy is just trying to make it through life as owner of a small taxi service, but life doesn’t leave her alone.  She's intent on getting her beloved’s ashes back but a monkey wrench always blocks her path.


Abigail Keam

Award-winning author Abigail Keam writes the Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series about a Southern beekeeper turned amateur female sleuth.  Death By Chance was recently a Silver Falchion Finalist for Best Mystery.  Miss Abigail currently lives on the Palisades bordering the Kentucky River with her husband and various critters.

Death by Poison

Josiah Reynolds is hitching Morning Glory, her American Paint Horse, to an antique pony cart when horse whisperer, Velvet Maddox, hurries over to them.  Pointing a thin, crooked finger at Josiah, she announces that Josiah can’t participate in the annual Shawnee Trace Horse Parade.  “I see death standing next to your horse.  Beware, Josiah.  Beware.”


Ervin Klein

Erv, a life-long resident of Louisville, is author of Subterfuge, winner of the 2020 Imadjinn Award for Best Historical Fiction at the Imaginarium Writers’ Fest. His second book, Squat, set in small-town Kentucky near Elizabethtown, is a 2022 Finalist for the Imadjinn Award for best literary fiction.

Erv is on the Board of Directors of Louisville Literary Arts and is a member of the adjunct faculty at Indiana University Southeast.

Book: SQUAT; Author: Erv Klein

Bob, a native of Chicago, thinks he’ll find a simpler life when he moves to Kentucky.  Situations both humorous and poignant prove him wrong.

When Bob invites his former girlfriend for a visit, everyone is prepared to tell him what he’s doing wrong, especially his new girlfriend, Nellie.

But there’s another voice, if Bob will listen—that of the soft-spoken man who calls himself Squat.

Dedicated to several family members with mental challenges.


Tonya Matthews

Tonya L. Matthews, writer of Christian fiction for adults, Treasure atop the Mountain & Roxie Applesauce, also has a children’s book series. The signature prelude books in the series, A Girl’s Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong & Boys Need Santa Claus Because, will be featured at the Book Festival as well.  Visit Haleyapublishing.com for additional information on these and other books released and soon to be released.

Roxie Applesauce
Book: ROXIE Applesauce; Author: Tonya L. Matthews

Marcella Ciscal enjoyed few good days. The reason she knew she could live another day, the way she stayed sane, the friend who never left her side was Roxie Applesauce. Homeless and beaten, Marcella awakens to the care of Haleya Kage who’s going through a difficult season—a demanding career, two teens, and her husband Thomas’s business a casualty of the 2009 economic downturn. Yet, with life unstable and the future unknown, it’s the unpredictable that propels His greater plan.


Alexy Mi

A single mother of two adult daughters and residing in Louisville, Kentucky, Alexy Mi enjoys playing poker, attending family gatherings, and dancing. Writing is a true passion for her.  She enjoys tackling real-life topics such as infidelity and dysfunctional relationships, whereas, the end will always lead to comedic yet positive outcomes.  Alexy Mi's goal is to empower her readers to remain strong through stressful situations, and to encourage laughter and patience while enduring a storm.

Perhaps It Was Fate
Book: Perhaps IT WAS FATE; Author: Alexy Mi

Desperate to save her marriage, Rosilyn embraces the suggestion of wise counsel who proposes a fool-proof method, guaranteeing the return of her husband’s affection.  But when it appears that her prayers are about to be answered, is it too late?


Annette Miller

Annette Miller always had an interest in all things paranormal.  She discovered her love of romance when she and her husband were stationed in Las Vegas, NV with the Air Force.  When she started writing, it was a natural step to include superheroes, fairies, and all things supernatural in her books.

Angel Light, Angel Dark
Book: ANGEL LIGHT, ANGEL DARK; Author: Annette Miller

Two dimensions.  Two souls.  One destiny.


Ashley O'Callaghan

Ashley was born and raised in Kentucky.  For the past six years she has loved being a stay at home mother with her two beautiful children.  In that time, she graduated college and has written three books.  She enjoys helping others, supporting her Community, and has a love for making quilts/blankets.

Over Taken
Book: Over Taken; Author: Ashley O'Callaghan

Over Taken is a gripping novel that is set in Denmark.  The young Princess Petra is not the heir to the throne but is forced into an unwanted engagement with a potential ally.  Readers won't see what's going to happen next in this twisting, forbidden love story.


Eliot Parker

Eliot Parker is the author of the recent thriller novel "A Final Call," along with three other thriller novels and a collection of multi-genre short stories.  "A Final Call" was an honorable mention at the 2022 London Book Festival, and a finalist for the 2022 Hawthorne Prize in Fiction.  He hosts a podcast program called "Now, Appalachia" on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network and a booktube interviews and book features program on YouTube titled "Page Break."

A Final Call
Book: A FINAL CALL; Author: Eliot Parker

Cleveland Homicide Detective Stacy Tavitt is contacted by a former college classmate who asks for help in finding her missing son, Colton. Still reeling physically and emotionally from her last investigation―which led to the disappearance of her brother--Stacy reluctantly agrees.  At first, there is little reason to suspect foul play in his disappearance until he becomes the primary suspect in the murder of an ex-girlfriend.


Sherry Robinson

SHERRY ROBINSON is the author of two previous novels, Blessed and My Secrets Cry Aloud (reissued under the new title Echo Her Lovely Bones).  She holds a PhD in English from the University of Kentucky and an MA and MFA from Eastern Kentucky University.  She is the retired vice provost and professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University.

Shadows Hold Their Breath
Book: SHADOWS HOLD THEIR BREATH; Autho: Sherry Robinson

In October 1979, six years after suffering the loss of Beth, her dear friend and sister-in-law, to enemy mortar fire near the village of Quảng Ngãi, Vietnam, Kat Hunter begins to question everything about her traditional life.  In the middle of the night, she slips away from her home in Lexington, Kentucky, her husband, and her three young daughters and boards a Greyhound bus with no specific destination in mind.  Kat’s journey of self-discovery ultimately leads her down an unexpected path.


Henry Sipes

Henry Sipes grew up on a farm in Meade County, Ky.  He has a bachelor of science in engineering from Purdue University and a master of science in astronomy from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.  Henry volunteered as a park astronomer for the Jefferson Community and Technical College, serving at Otter Creek Park and the South Harrison Park in Indiana.  He writes a fusion of hard science, religion, and politics.

NUERA1: The Last Holy See

The battle for the light has begun with archangels and demons descending upon the Earth.  The last hope for humanity lies in the hands of a pope and seven strangers if they can launch NUERA1 to another world light-years away.


John Stivers

Between managing a dental practice, editing a healthcare newsletter, and writing sports reports for the Mt Washington Star, John Stivers has studied writing in programs alongside such notable Kentucky authors as Betty Laymen Receveur, Gary Devon, and Nicole Jordan.  Combining three of his passions--writing, history, and baseball, he has produced his first novel, The Accidental Hero, a story of love, war, revolution, and baseball set in Cuba in the 1960's.

The Accidental Hero
Book: THE ACCIDENTAL HERO; Author: John Stivers

George Clero doesn’t consider himself to be Cuban; he swears he isn’t a soldier; he insists he’s not a yanqui spy, yet he finds himself participating in the Bay of Pigs invasion.  He’s just a baseball player, and for that reason, Fidel Castro turns him into a privileged prisoner, with the hope that he can convince George to defect.  George comes up with his own plan to win his release, using Fidel’s ego against him, along with the only thing George knows—baseball.


Ariella Talix

Ariella Talix is the nom de plume of a bestselling author who lives in America’s Heartland.

Her goal is to preserve the dignity of family members who would rather not be associated publicly with a woman who writes such scandalous and stimulating novels.  She’s not going to stop writing them, though.

Her work includes both contemporary and historical romance novels.

She loves her family, pets, great books, not-so-great books that still entertain, and art.

The Rule of 3
Book: the rule of 3; Author: Ariella Talix

Welcome to Honeybee Hollow, Kentucky.

Tanner Lassiter has easy, straightforward goals.
1. Marry the love of your life.
2. Become Kentucky’s youngest governor ever.
3. Become president.

Eli Whittaker is a kingmaker with two goals.
1. Use your billions and connections to help Tanner realize all of his dreams.
2. Don’t die of a broken heart in the process of achieving #1.

Zoë Deliban is a small-town teacher with one goal.
1. Don’t mess up Tanner’s life by letting him know you still love him.


Diane Theiler, Becky Kelley, Jean Kinsey

Coauthors Becky Kelley, Diane Theiler & Jean Kinsey,  Bullitt County writers personally investigated the unsolved murder and collaborated on the title MORE THAN BLOOD REVEALS.  Becky writes cozy mysteries and loves to travel while living life to its fullest.  Diane has a passion for writing Christian romance and enjoying retirement playing with her grandbabies and yard sales.  Jean sets most of her books in  Kentucky, spends time reminiscing splendid memories of fulfilling her bucket list.

More Than Blood Reveals
Book: MORE THAN BLOOD REVEALS; Authors: Diane Theiler, Becky Kelley, Jean Kinsey

MORE THAN BLOOD REVEALS is based on a true crime told through the eyes of fictional characters.  A banker and his daughter in a small Kentucky town are kidnapped and murdered.  Fictional neighbors investigate the case, sometimes stirring up quite a scene.  Sometimes they eliminate suspects, and sometimes they create new ones.  More than five decades have passed and the case remains unsolved.  Each author gives her opinion of what happened that cold December night and who did it.


Pamela S. Warren

PSWarren has lived in many places and has traveled around the world. She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband.  She earned two Master’s degrees from the University of Missouri, KC, and her Ph.D. from Walden University.  She is the author of a novel, Widow’s Promise, and has been published in the Anthology: Coming of Age Writing & Art by Kentucky Women Over 60.  She is also the author of the children’s book, Cabby’s Garden.

Widow's Promise
Book: Widow's Promise; Author: PS Warren

Ava McCray had no idea that the promise she made to her dying husband would embroil her in an ancient journey to make amends that would change her life and the lives of those in a little hamlet called Buffington Glen on the northwestern coast of the Scottish Highlands.


Clinton Waters

Born and raised in Bowling Green, KY, Clinton W. Waters holds a degree in Creative Writing from W.K.U.  Their work has been featured in university publications from W.K.U. and the University of Regensburg.  They are the lead writer/co-founder of Sundog Comics and their webcomic Variants.

- 30 -

It's Greg's birthday.  His 30th birthday.  The birthday that will determine the rest of his life.  At midnight, there is the chance Greg will simply cease to exist.  With that in mind, he has hired Joe, an Ephemera, to accompany him on what might be his last day on earth.  What starts as a rented relationship soon becomes more complicated.  Is it possible to fall in love in less than 24 hours?  Is there a point if one of them might not be alive at midnight?


Mary Lou Wells

Mary Lou Wells is an award-winning author and poet.  She has been published in the 'Caney Creek Sampler', the 'Morab Horse Magazine', and 'The Horse.'  Early in 2022, she was awarded the Firebird Book Award in the Series category for her second novel Spear of Destiny: Finding Bucephalus.  She has a children's book on the way and her third novel is due out in 2023.  Mary Lou lives in east Tennessee with her three kids and a smart Australian Shepard.

Spear of Destiny: Finding Bucephalus
Book: SPEAR PF DESTINY: Finding Bucephalus; Author: Mary Lou Wells

The fight for control of one of the most dangerous artifacts in history heats up as the daemons attempt to steal the Spear of Chaos.  The one hope for mankind, the Spear of Destiny, lies hidden beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.  Out of options, Fate calls upon the one horse in history who may be able to help retrieve both artifacts:  Bucephalus, the warhorse of Alexander the Great.