We are thankful for the authors who have offered to come to the Heartland Book Festival.  You can find information about the authors and their books they will be selling at the book festival.  Come on out to meet them and find the books you'd like to read.




Mark Wayne Adams
Stick Horse Derby
Book Title: Stick Horse DERBY; Author: Mark Wayne Adams

The Kentucky Derby inspired my love of horses and racing out in “the sticks”.  Mounted on a stick horse my heart and bare feet pounded dirt trails across my old Kentucky home.  Derby isn’t the race horse I wanted, but through patience and training he and I won lasting friendships.


Mark is also General Manager for Dream Built LLC a short-term vacation rental company in Western Kentucky.  He and his dogs Russell, Willow, and River reside between his historic Day Bros. 1898 building, his Kentucky Lake Cabin, and occasionally they visit his parents’ 45 acre family farm in his hometown, Dawson Springs, Kentucky.


Shannon Anderson

Shannon Anderson is an award-winning children's book author and national speaker.  She taught for 25 years, from first grade through the college level, and was named one of the 10 teachers who "awed and inspired" the Today Show in 2019.  Shannon loves doing author visits and keynoting at events.  You can learn more about her at www.shannonisteaching.com.

I Love Strawberries!
Book Title: I LOVE STRAWBERRIES; Author: Shannon Anderson!

Jolie LOVES strawberries - and she’s on an unstoppable (and hilarious) mission to grow her own food from seedling to table in this colorful introduction to the joy of growing the popular perennial.


Charles B. Carson

Chuck, and his wife Pat live on a small farm in White Mills, KY.  He is a father and grandfather and a member of two writing groups.  He has a BS from Urbana University and is an Elizabethtown, KY., USPS retiree.  He has three published books, Inn’s Side, From the House of David, and We’re Going Where?  Besides writing he enjoys woodworking, gardening, painting, photography and a musician.

From the House of David
Book Title: From the House of David; Author: Charles B. Carson

Joseph had a troubled childhood until his parents surprised him with a life-changing opportunity.

Read about Joseph and discover how he mastered his skill while maintaining two careers.

Meet Joseph’s first love and how he dealt with loss. Learn how and why he became famous throughout Biblical history.  You will realize that the life modifications Joseph endured created a legacy the world will honor forever.


Jennifer Carson

Jennifer Carson is a mom of four, artist, author, and playwright.  She grew up on a steady diet of  Muppets and Renaissance Faires and was occasionally caught reading beneath the covers.  She lives in Michigan with her family and two furry friends but is a southern girl at heart.

Dragons Don't Dance Ballet
Book Title: DRAGONS DON'T DANCE BALLET; Author: Jennifer Carson

Esmerelda Dragon works the spotlight at the city ballet, but what she really wants to do is dance.  Encouraged by her friend Harold to audition, she takes a leap of faith only to discover that she doesn't quite fit in with the other ballerinas.  But Esmerelda isn't ready to give up, and neither is Harold!


Jennifer Chambers

Dr. Jennifer Chambers is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University where she earned her BS in Elementary Education, MAEd as a Reading/Writing Specialist, Rank 1, and EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.  Dr. Chambers serves as the Director of the Literacy Specialist Program and a Professor of Literacy at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY.  Prior to her career in higher education, she served as an elementary classroom teacher for fifteen years.

What Does Haley Hear?
Book Title: WHAT DOES HALEY HEAR?; Author: Jennifer Chambers

Macie is scared at first when she's told that her little sister, Haley, will need to get tubes in her ears to clean them up.  However, not only does the procedure go well, but Haley is amazed by all the sounds she can hear now!


Lisa Colodny

Dr. Lisa Robin Phillips Colodny grew up in the rural countryside of Kentucky surrounded by an eclectic group of family and friends.  Her earliest stories were penned with a cousin or family member in mind.  She writes in multiple genres and has an award winning children’s book and screenplay.

She resides in Parkland, Florida with her daughter, Samantha, and three dogs, Cooper, Buttercup, and Bentley (and a rabbit names Toby).

Place Where Magic Lives 3: The Promise of the Wishing Rock
Book Title: AS WRITTEN; Author: Lisa Colodny

In book three, the wormhole deposits the cousins to a time of ruthless outlaws and charming gun slingers. Imagine driving cattle miles across the open terrain, befriended by Indians, enchanted by mythological little people, smitten by cowboy tales of the red ghost, and riding alongside Billy the Kid. Will they find the opening to the channel between the worlds and find their way home?


Ethan Dickerson

I grew up and live on a farm in Kentucky. I love animals and writing stories about them for others to enjoy. I also enjoy gardening and hiking in my spare time.

The Tale of Sly Fox
Book Title: The Tale of Sly Fox; Author: E.E. Dickerson

Sly is a friendly and adventurous fox that lives on a farm.  He enjoys food and one day he decides to go on a quest to visit his friends and neighbors to see what they are eating including one dish he never will forget.  In the end he learns a valuable lesson about contentment.


Lindsey Duga

Lindsey Duga is a young adult and middle grade author from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Her MG horror novels, THE HAUNTING, GHOST IN THE HEADLIGHTS, and THE REPLACEMENT are with Scholastic, and are featured at Book Fairs.  She also writes YA fantasy novels with Entangled Teen, which include KISS OF THE ROYAL, GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES, and ROARING.

The Replacement
Book Title: THE REPLACEMENT; Author: Lindsey Duga

Do the dead deserve another chance? Everything is perfect in Erin's new home . . . except for the ghost.  At first, the ghost is nothing more than a nuisance, but then Erin starts losing her memory. Sometimes it’s only for a few minutes, and other times it’s for a few days.  It’s almost as if she’s fallen asleep!  Erin is convinced the ghost has been taking over her body, but why?  It’s up to Erin to figure out how to quell the ghost before it can get her into even more trouble—or worse!


Ms. Marie

Ms. Marie is an up and coming children's author / illustrator with a slew of books in the works.  Her first published book, "The Power of You," has just reached audiences and been made available.  Ms. Marie has worked with children in many capacities all throughout her life and is excited to share her works with you.  She holds a degree in Psychology and began work as a Behavioral Therapist for special needs children after graduation for a number of years.  She is now excited to come and meet you!

The Power of You
Book Title: The POWER Of You; Author: Ms. Marie

"The Power of You," is a rhyming book with a slight cadence that is fun to read.  It imparts a wisdom that we all need reminding of the power we hold within us.


Anita & Brandon Holmes

Mother & Son Author Team

Anita & Brandon Holmes are the authors of SAFE! IN OUTERSPACE.  This is Anita and Brandon's first book and they had a great time working on it together.  Anita resides in Iowa with her husband, and three children.  She is an active member of the community.  Anita loves spending time with her family.  Brandon resides at home with his family.  Brandon is still in school and loves math, reading and science.  When Brandon is not making up stories he loves playing with his friends.

Book Title: SAFE! in OUTERSPACE; Author: Anita & Brandon Holmes

After being whisked away in a spaceship, Brandon’s brought in to be the pinch hitter in an intergalactic ball game.  He must win in order to return to home on Earth, but it proves harder than he thinks when he’s given rules from another planet.  Catch all the fun in this out-of-world picture book from debut author duo, Anita & Brandon Holmes.  SAFE! IN OUTERSPACE is a fun, alien picture book geared for children ages 3-7 and is great for beginner and reluctant readers can enjoy this new adventure.


Jason R. Lady

Jason is an Army Brat who grew up on military bases in Fort Knox, Kentucky and Germany.  Moving 7 times growing up, Jason wrote stories that starred his new classmates at each new school which helped kids bond and have fun.  His first novel, middle grade adventure Monster Problems, was published in 2019.  He lives with his wife in Cleveland, Ohio.  Jason's books were accepted to the Kentucky Book Festival and the Ohioana Book Festival, and are IndieReader Approved and a Maxy Awards finalist.

Monster Problems
Book Title: MONSTER PROBLEMS; Author: Jason R. Lady

A sixth grader finds a magic pen that makes everything he draws with it become real. But before he knows the pen is a magic pen, he draws a monster to go after his bratty younger brother!  How will he solve his monster problem before it's too late?


Katie Mazeika
Annette Feels Free: The True Story of Annette Kellerman, World-Class Swimmer, Fashion Pioneer, and Real-Life Mermaid
Book Title: Annette Feels Free; Author: Katie Mazeika

The incredible true story of “The Original Mermaid,” Annette Kellerman, a girl who wanted to dance, swim, and feel free—and who grew into a woman who fought for the right to do just that!


Katie Mazeika is an author and illustrator who grew up in Cincinnati, graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, and now lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

 Katie specializes in telling stories based on real people and events and likes to highlight disabled voices in her work.


Leah Pugh

Growing up surrounded by books, Leah developed a love of reading at an early age.  After graduating with her GED, she pursued an English Literature degree at Jefferson Community College.  Her first mystery novel, The Diamond Caper, was published while she was still in college. The second mystery, Anything But A Diamond, was released not long after.  Since then she has written two picture books: The Day Please Slept In and Something Warm For Grandma.  The former winning Written Word Award in 2021.

The Day Please Slept In
Book Title: The Day Please Slept In; Author: Leah Pugh

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your Please decided to sleep in?  Robbie finds out the hard way what happens when his Please sleeps in after he says "Gimmie" one too many times.


Jen Selinsky

Jen Selinsky has published more than 200 books.  Her work can be found on Amazon, as well as many other sites.  She works as a Senior Editor for Pen It Publications and also edits for Pen & Pulpit Magazine and Hydra Publications.  Jen is a freelance article writer for The News and Tribune and a proofreader at ProofreadingPal.  One of her children’s books, You Are You! won the IMADJINN Award for Best Children’s Book 2019.

You Are You!
Book Title: You are You!; Author: Jen Selinsky

Every child should be encouraged to be confident in who they are.  You Are You! encourages children to be themselves, no matter what size, height, color, or personality they are!  This adorable story by Jen Selinsky is brought to life with illustrations by Em Vickers.


Doris Settles

Doris Settles is the author of five books, the latest a picture book about a little girl who learns to love gardening from her grandmother (yes, partially autobiographical), and to share that love with others…even the local curmudgeon.  Her other books reflect a wide range of interests from history to local cuisine to technology.  She lives in Lexington with her husband and very spoiled pomeranian, who resents the foster dogs that pass through but lives with it.

Leira Clara's Flowers
Book Title: Leira Clara's Flowers; Author: Doris Dearen Settles

Leira Clara learns to love gardening from her grandmother, and shares that love with her neighbors, even the local curmudgeon.  Featuring a page to learn to become a gardener. 


Jack Shoop

Hi, I'm Jack Shoop, I used to grow sunflower sprouts and store employees called me Jack Sprout, as I made my deliveries.  I've created the sunflower sprout character Jack Sprout, who lives in Beaver Creek Meadow.  He's part flora part fauna and incorporates many of my ideals of living and working with nature.  His neighbors and nature, help him find his way as their new farmer.  This story follows along the lines of my experiences and also of the real folks I've known along the way.

Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow
Book Title: Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow; Author: Jack Shoop

Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow is a story of starting life as the new farmer for this high mountain meadow community.  Jack Sprout needs the help of nature and his neighbors to reach his destiny.  This is a book of finding help and asking questions but doing the work yourself to overcome your challenges and find self-reliance.  Since Jack Sprout has come from the earth, they know he'll make a great farmer.  The kids follow Jack around and learn many of life's lessons along the way.


Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

Kristin O’Donnell Tubb is the author of Luna Howls at the Moon, Zeus, Dog of Chaos, The Story Collector series, A Dog Like Daisy, John Lincoln Clem: Civil War Drummer Boy (written as E.F. Abbott), The 13th Sign, Selling Hope and Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different. In 2022, watch for The Decomposition of Jack, about the son of a roadkill researcher. Kristin lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her bouncy-loud family. Just like her two dogs, she can be bribed with cheese.

Luna Howls at the Moon
Book Title: LUNA HOWLS AT THE MOON; Author: Kristin O'Donnell Tubb

Luna has always wanted to be a therapy dog at Therapy Dogs Worldwide. Now she’s a whisker away from reaching her fifty-visit pin that will make it official. But when her “clients”—the children who visit her—are put into a therapy group, Luna’s routine is upended.