We are thankful for the authors who have offered to come to the Heartland Book Festival.  You can find information about the authors and their books they will be selling at the book festival.  Come on out to meet them and find the books you'd like to read.




Joseph Anthony

Born in Jersey, Joseph Anthony has been a Kentuckian since 1980. He taught English for 35 years in the Community College system, and lives with his wife of 40 years, Elise Mandel. Anthony’s most recent novel, “A Wounded Snake”, was described by U.S. Review in high praise.

A Wounded Snake
Book Title - A Wounded Snake; Book Cover - old photo of a family with two men, one woman and two children
Other Books
  • Bluegrass Funeral

  • Wanted:  Good Family

Book Title - Bluegrass Funeral; Book Cover - horse-drawn carriage with a driver and passenger on the box behind the horses
Book Title - Wanted:  Good Family; Book Cover - an old photo of a family riding in the back of an old pick-up truck


Sue Kelly Ballard

Sue Kelly Ballard was born in Kentucky but raised as an army brat in several states and overseas. She recently retired as a professor emerita of chemistry from Elizabethtown Community & Technical College. She received a 2017 National DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Women in the Arts Award, and resides in Elizabethtown, KY with her husband, Jimmie.

My Blessed, Wretched Life
Book Title - My Blessed, Wretched Life; Book Cover - caravan of settlers walking through the forest


Samantha Conley

Samantha Conley wrote her first novel, “Carletta”, when she was a 15 year old sophomore at Elizabethtown High School. She attended WKU to hone her writing skills to publish the novel. After graduating with a degree in creative and business writing, “Carletta” is the first in a fantasy fiction series.

Book Title - Carletta; Book Cover - a man and woman riding on the back of a dragon blowing fire at enemies shooting arrows


Nelda Shattles Copas

Nelda Shattles Copas is an award winning author from Daytona Beach, Florida. She retired in Kentucky after serving in the United States Army as a combat medic and nurse. She received her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from WKU, and has worked extensively with law-enforcement. Nelda currently lives near Fort Knox.

Twisted Obsession
Book Title - Twisted Obsession; Book Cover - bloody hand holding a crucifix
Other Books
  • Twisted Desires

  • Twisted Revenge

Book Title - Twisted Desires; Book Cover - blood dripping from barb wire
Book Title - Twisted Revenge; Book Cover - handcufs


De De Cox

Born and raised in Rooster Run, KY, De De traveled on Sundays with her grandmother delivering buttered pies and hankies to those in need. Volunteering and giving back was a big influence on her life and she hopes that you will experience this in her book, “Two Degrees, One Heart.”

Two Degrees One Heart
Book Title - Two Degrees One Heart; Book Cover - man with long hair kissing a woman on her forehead


Nick Desjardins

Nick Desjardins grew up an army brat, bouncing around the south until settling in Elizabethtown, KY.  He has had short fiction published in A Literation, The Underground Literary Journal, Pique Magazine, and Human Parts. He has served as fiction editor for A Literation, and content reader for Birch Gang Review.

In-Between Days
Book Title - In-Between Days; Book Cover - graphic of dashboard inside car and sky through the windshield


Ann Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart, bestselling author of over thirty novels, writers stories using Kentucky history and locations. She’s written about Shakers, small town family life, and mystery. She and her husband enjoy country life on an Anderson county farm.

The Refuge
Book Title - The Refuge; Book Cover - a Shaker woman walking down a dirt road toward a Shaker Village
Other Books
  • These Healing Hills

  • River to Redemption

Book Title - These Healing Hills; Book Cover - woman waking toward a log cabin with a dog coming to greet her
Book Title - Rive to Redemption; Book Cover - young girl and mother standing next to a river


Chris Helvey

Chris Helvey’s short stories have appeared in numerous reviews and journals. His works include “Whose Name I Did Not Know”, “Claw Hammer”, and “Snapshot.” Helvey currently serves as the Editor in Chief of Trajectory Journal.

Book Title - Snapshot; Book Cover - snapshot of hands crossed on chest of deceased person
Other Books
  • Claw Hammer

  • Whose Name I Did Not Know

Book Title - Claw Hammer; Book Cover - silhouette of a man holding a hammer
Book Title - Whose Name I Did Not Know; Book Cover - Man standingnexxt to a wheel barrow with twigs


Elizabeth Isaacs

Elizabeth Isaacs is an author, teacher, and publishing professional who helps at-risk students express themselves through the creative arts.  She currently receives invitations nationally to speak at book conventions and author events. Her latest work, “The Scythian Trials”, was a finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards.

The Scythian Trials
Book Title - The Scythian Trials; Book Cover - picture of the primary female character


Roger Jones

Roger Jones is a historian of science fascinated by the way creatures move through the air. In addition to academic writing, he has published short stories, non-fiction pieces in flying magazines, and a coming-of-age novella about a vegetarian buzzard. He lives with his wife, flies powered planes and gliders, and writes in Berea, KY.

Mists of Arltunga
Book Title = The Mists of Arltunga; Book Cover - drawing of a woman with an airplane over her head


Christina Kaye

Christina Kaye is the author of six published suspense novels, including the award-winning first book in her Flesh & Blood Trilogy, “Like Father, Like Daughter.”  She works as a paralegal and a book editor, and lives in Kentucky with her two daughters.

A Necessary Evil
Book Title - A Necessary Evil; Book Cover - Man sitting in a chair holding a gun


Ervin Klein

A native of Louisville, KY, Ervin spent years writing business newsletters and legislative updates for trade associations. He began writing fiction about five years ago and published his first book, “Subterfuge.” He is currently working on a family saga set in rural Kentucky in the Elizabethtown area.

Book Title - Subterfuge - Lies can Sink a U-Boat, an Empire, or a Family; Book Cover - a German U-Boat and a U.S. Ship in the ocean


Amanda Rotach Lampkin

Amanda Rotach Lamkin is an author and the owner of Line By Lion Publications, LLC, and independent press located in Louisville, KY.  Her books run the gamut from picture books to romance, and everything in between. Lamkin resides in Louisville with her husband, four children, and various rescue animals.

Alexandra Campbell: Private Eye
Book Title - Alexandra Campbell: Private Eye (She can read between the lines when she's between the sheets.) ; Book Cover - Alexandra and LMPD detective, Hank Summers, with sunglasses and a pistol


Rosie Le Page

Rosie Le Page is a new upcoming author. Reviews on Goodreads.com include “Could not put the book down!” and “Cannot wait til the next book.”

Secret Shadow Society:  Shadow Bound
Book Title - Secret Shadow Society: Shadow Bound; Book Cover - female dressed as barbarian holding small, hooked swords
Other Books
  • Secret Shadow Society:  Shadow Children

Book Title - Secret Shadow Society: Shadow Children; Book Cover - four children in a giant tree with bows and arrows


R.J. Lee

R.J. Lee grew up in Natchez, MS, graduating from University of the South (Sewanee) and studying creative writing under Andrew Lytle, then editor of the Sewanee Review. His thirteenth published novel, “Grand Slam Murders,” received enthusiastic reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, PW, Midwest Book Reviews, Mystery Scene, and Suspense Magazines.

Grand Slam Murders: A Bridge To Death Mystery
Book Title - Grand Slam Murders, A Bridge to Death Mystery; Book Cover - four dead, wealthy widows poisoned through drinks at their luncheon while playing Bridge


Tracy Lynn

Born in Kentucky, Tracy has written stories since her youth. She draws inspiration from her life experiences and background. She has written poems and short stories for both newspapers and healthcare publications in the past. She has lived in California, Tennessee, Florida, and now resides in Kentucky with her family.

Book Title - Milton; Book Cover - drawing of cotton mill workers


Truant Memphis

Truant Memphis is the egocentric yet wildly insecure Kentuckian desperately in search of peace or a buzz. The author has two more titles available, “Littlethumb Sneezed”, and “Post Oh!pocalypto Poppycock.” The stories revolve around themes of good, evil, and the unceasing chaos of existence.

Book Title - Daffodil (An essential odyssey through space, time, and a young woman's mind.);  Book Cover - key with flower on the handle and heart on the end of the key
Other Books
  • Post Oh!Pocalypto Poppycock

  • Littlethumb Sneezed

Book Title - Post Oh!Pocalypto Poppycock; Book Cover - white cover with title, author, and suitcase with words "Warning Explicit Lyrics"
Book Title - Littlethumb Sneezed; Book Cover - white cover with title, author, and thumbprint


T Stores

T. Stores is the author of three novels and a collection of short fiction, “Frost Heaves,” which is just out from Green Writers’ Press. Her work has appeared in numerous journals and magazines. Honors include grants from the Vermont Arts Council and Barbara Deming Fund, residencies at Bread Loaf, Squaw Valley, and Shiro Oni, and two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is Professor and Assistant Provost at the University of Hartford.

Frost Heaves
Book Title - Frost Heaves; Book Cover - curve in a road with a tree and snow on the ground


B.K. Stubblefield

B.K. Stubblefield is a new writer with a passion for animal rescue. Her dog, Harper, was the inspiration for two of her non-fiction books. Born and raised in Germany, B.K. spent many years supporting her husband’s military career. Moving between Europe and the United States, she now makes her home in the small rural town of Elizabethtown, KY.

Secrets in Oak Creek 
Book Title - Secrets in Oak Creek; Book Cover - Trees and fog at the top of the mountains with a creek


Lynn Tincher

Lynn Tincher is an author, public speaker, and executive producer from Louisville, KY. Having been diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, a rare and fatal genetic heart disease, she is determined to help spread the word about Brugada Syndrome and hopes to help others who are dealing with it.  Lynn now lives just outside of Louisville on a farm in Shepherdsville with her husband, Eric.

Where There Is Light
Other Books
  • Afterthoughts

  • Left in the Dark

Book Title - Afterthoughts; Book Cover - woman's face wih scared eyes and a dark long hallway
Book Title - Left In The Dark (Mind Bending Series 2); Book Cover - woman stading in a creek with a lighthouse in the distance


Robert Villanueva

Award-winning author Robert Villanueva lives in Elizabethtown, KY. His work has been published in dozens of print and online journals including The New Southern Fugitives, The Maine Review, The Summerset Review, and The Binnacle. The Heartland Review Press published his first collection, “A Fable of Freedom and Other Stories.”

A Fable of Freedom and Other Stories
Book Title - A Fable of Freedom and Other Stories; Book Cover - woman sitting in front of colorful flowers