We are thankful for the authors who have offered to come to the Heartland Book Festival.  You can find information about the authors and their books they will be selling at the book festival.  Come on out to meet them and find the books you'd like to read.




Lisa Colodny

Lisa Colodny grew up in the rural countryside of Kentucky and earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. She later obtained her MBA and has written approximately 34 publications in the health and science industry. Upcoming releases include Chimera and a third book in the Place Where Magic Lives Series.

Place Where Magic Lives: Walking The Plank
Book Title -- Place Where Magic Lives: Walking The Plank; Book Cover - Ship on ocean and person in a tiny boat with a paddle


April Renner Curtsinger with her dog, Boone

Originally from Mt. Vernon, KY, April now lives in Elizabethtown. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Child Development. Her first book is a true story of how she rescued her dog, Boone.

Book Title - Boone; Cover - cartoon of Christmas Tree with dog, Boone, sleeping under it on a rug


Juliette Douglas

A Laramie Award winning author, Juliette hails from Kentucky where she lives on an old farm she has named Froggy Flats Farm…cause it’s flatter than a pancake and has tons of frogs in the pond? Her pets include two possums, who are featured in her book, “We Are Awesome Possums.”

We Are Awesome Possums
Book Title - We Are Awesome Possums; Book Cover - several cartoon possums playing around


Hannah Goebel

Hannah lives in Owensboro, KY with her husband and 3 children. She earned her BA in English Education from the University of Kentucky, and enjoys volunteering at her children’s school, serving at church, and being with friends.

There's An Elephant In The Yard
Book Title - There's an Elephant in the Yard; Book Cover - cartoon elephant holding a boy sitting on its trunk


Sherry Howard

Sherry and her children live in Middletown, KY, very near the beautiful horse farms that made Kentucky famous. An award-winning educator, she served as a teacher, consultant, and principal. Her poems and journals have appeared in multiple journals and anthologies, and also authored the picture book, “Rock and Roll Woods.”

Rock & Roll Woods
Book Title - Rock & Roll Woods; Book Cover - cartoon bear in woods with other smaller animals


C.M. Huddleston

C. M. Huddleston’s professional avenues included elementary school teacher, archaeologist, historic preservation consultant, and writer. She has published fourteen volumes about our nation’s past – five of those for children.

Greg's Fourth Adventure In Time
Book Title - Greg's Fourth Adventure In Time; Book Cover - Spirals of time travel with old-west covered wagon and rifles in the spirals


Russell Lunsford

Russell and his family divide their time between their home in Elizabethtown and their farm in Adair County. Russell retired from the Army Reserve in 2005 and the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2007.

Benjamin Nathan Tuggle ~ADVENTURER~
Book Title - Benjamin Nathan Tuggle ~ADVENTURER~; Book Cover - cartoon character of General George Washington standing in front of a brick building and log cabins


Kazi Mohammed

Nine-year-old Kazi is an author and lover of books. Having autism, he did not speak in complete sentences until he was five. This opened up a whole new world and he began writing his own stories, and his bookshelves are now full of his own creations.

Mo and Ela
Book Title - Mo and Ela; Book Cover - Drawing of two stick figures of a brother and sister standing next to a house


A. R. Morris

Ms. Morris was born in rural Alaska where the wild landscape and her many adventures into the woods sparked her love for epic fantasy. Eventually moving to Kentucky she competed in barrel racing, but her imagination allows her to create children’s stories in the world she calls Nythoria.

How Flynn The Loh'li Conquered His Fears
Book Title - How Flynn The Loh'li Conquered His Fears; Book Cover - Woodland kid with pointy ears and a long tail sitting on the ground looking at a tall mountain


Lenora Rodgers

Lenora is from Elizabethtown, KY, and writes for PS Publishing’s Books 4Kids Program providing free books to school children everywhere. She is also a member of The Peacock Writers which publishes children’s books for charity.

Other Books
  • The Secret in Santa's Beard

  • Chess Challenge

Book Title - The Secret in Santa's Beard; Book Cover - cartoon drawing of Santa sitting in a chair in front of a Christmas tree with a young girl sitting on his lap
Book Title - Chess Challenge; Book Cover - cartoon characters standing on a chess board
My First Saturday in May
Book Title - My First Saturday in May; Book Cover - horse with jockey running in a race in front of the stadium


Jen Selinsky

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Jen has published more than 200 books, many of which contain poetry. She has worked as a professional librarian for over fourteen years, and is also an editor for Pen It! Publications and Hydra Publications. Jen and her husband now live in Sellersburg, IN.

You Are You!
Book Title - You Are You!; Book Cover - two cartoon kids painting the words of the book title
Other Books
  • Bunny's Song

  • Our Beloved Ashley

Book Title - Bunny's Song; Book Cover - cartoon bunny bowing to an audience of silhouette animls
Book Title - Our Beloved Ashley; Book Cover - cartoon cat laying on a female's shoulder


Margo Smith

Margo Smith is a Speech-language Pathologist and lives in Louisville, KY. Before writing two children’s books, “The Perfect Shade of Pink”, and “The Lost Bone and the Found Sister”, Margo taught writing, spelling, and reading skills to children and specialized in written-language disorders.

The Lost Bone and The Found Sister
Book Title - The Lost Bone and The Found Sister; Book Cover - cartoon faces of mail and female dogs turned away from each other with a dog bone beneath


Jessica Young

Jessica Young grew up in Ontario, Canada. She loves making up stories and making art with kids. Her books include “Play This Book,” “Pet This Book,” and “My Blue is happy.”

Other Books
  • Pet This Book

  • Haggis and Tank Unleashed 
     - All Paws on Deck

Book Title - Pet This Book; Book Cover - cartoon cat
Book Title - Haggis and Tank Unleashed - All Paws on Deck; Book Cover - cartoon of Haggis and Tank on a ship in the ocean
Play This Book
Book Title - Play This Book; Book Cover - cartoon drawing of a drum with drumsticks